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Policies and Payment

We’re a small, locally (East Van) owned business committed to you providing you the best care.

We do our best to keep dental care accessible while delivering high quality care.

All patients are required to leave a credit card on file. Your information is held in an encrypted, third party system. We do not keep your credit card number on file. This card will be used to bill patient portions or missed appointment fees. If patients do not have a credit card we ask for a deposit equal to the Missed Appointment Fee set by the provincial fee guide.


We accept most dental insurance plans.

Insurance policies are a contract between you and your insurance provider. House of Teeth is not privy to that information. Every insurance company is different and every policy is different. The best person to check and understand your coverage is you – many insurance companies will not release that info to dental offices. Insurance providers may pay at a different fee guide than the fee guide we bill. We will do our best to pre authorize your treatment. However, there is no way to be 100% accurate about what is covered when we bill to your insurance. Despite our best efforts discrepancies do occur and when that happens patients are responsible for any unpaid portion.

Payment Methods

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Cash and Debit.


We understand very well that accessing dental care can be a challenge. I have spent most of my career trying to make dental care more accessible. We offer the following options:

  1. Patients can pay for their services when they are delivered.  Collect points on your card? Pay for the dental work, collect the points, travel the world. Insurance companies will often reimburse you in 24 – 72 hrs. (They pay us in 30 – 90 days). We will submit your care to your insurance provider on your behalf.
  2. We can bill your insurance company directly. Your credit card will be billed any remaining portion or procedures not covered by your insurance. Charges may appear up to 90 days after your appointment as insurance companies may take that long to pay us. Less points, less travel for you.

Cancellation policy

When you book your appointment, you take the risk that you may be sick, called into work, have an emergency, or any other veritable cornucopia  of  reasons. While we understand that there are instances where a cancellation is due to events out of your control, it is also outside of ours. With this in mind, all cancellations with less than 2 business days’ notice will be charged a missed/short canceled appointment fee of $153.00.

This fee follows the current dental fee guide for BC and is subject to change every February when the fee guide increases. In these instances your card on file will be charged and an invoice will be sent. Cancellations are only accepted by email or phone/voicemail. Text cancellations are not accepted.

We do this as part of our efforts to keep your costs down. Missed appointments and unpaid bills drive our costs up and makes it harder to keep your costs down. We appreciate your understanding in these matters. We understand the cost of dental care can be challenging. We are always doing our best to make it easy for you.