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East Van Dentistry

COVID-19 update

Updated August 2022

We’ve updated our procedures to ensure safety for patients and staff:


  • A link to the Medical History will be sent by email to all new and returning patients, to be completed before your appointment.
  • A link to the Covid-19 Screening Form will be sent by email with your appointment reminder. Please fill this out before your appointment. We ask that you self-screen and contact the office by email or phone to cancel or reschedule any appointments.
  • The clinic doors will remain locked to allow us to ensure a maximum of 7 patients in the office at a time. You may be asked to wait outside until it is safe to enter. We ask that you do not bring additional people to your appointment to ensure we stay at or below this number.
  • Upon entry, you will be asked to wash your hands for 20 seconds.
  • A current valid credit card is required on file for all patients wishing for their insurance to be billed directly. Your portion is due at the time of treatment either by credit card or debit. Any insurance discrepancies will be billed to the card on file.

Thank you for your continued patience and kindness.

here’s what we’re doing to ensure your safety

    1. All House of Teeth staff perform self-screening daily, to ensure we are free of Covid-19 symptoms.
    2. We are limiting the number of patients in the clinic to 7 at a time.
    3. Our HVAC systems ensure that the air is 100% exchanged and filtered every hour.
    4. Appointments may be lengthened and staggered to maximize social distancing.
    5.  Masks mandates are ever changing and we continue to follow the guidelines as mandated by the BC Dental Association and the BC College of Dental Surgeons. Our staff will continue to wear a mask throughout the office.


    General Dentistry

    • New patient examinations

    • Regular check-ups & cleaning

    • Fillings, caps, crowns


    Sweet Smiles

    • Alignment corrections

    • Invisalign


    Cosmetic Dentistry

    • Whitening & Bleaching

    • Straightening

    • Grills

    See all our services…

    Regular Check-Ups

    Scheduled cleaning and general dental health check-ups to keep you smiling


    Correcting misalignments of the bite and teeth

    Teeth Whitening

    Stain removal for a brighter, whiter smile

    Fillings & Extractions

    We use composite resins to fill cavities for a flawless smile

    Wisdom Teeth Extractions

    We’ll analyze your situation and recommend a solution to fit your circumstances

    Root Canals

    Root Canals are sometimes necessary to get rid of tooth pain and improve your dental health

    Crowns / Caps

    Restore damaged or cracked teeth with a custom-made crown

    Cosmetic Dentistry

    An improved smile often leads to increased confidence. From whitening, bonding and veneers to custom grills, we can help!


    We love fluoride. Get your fluoride here!

    Gum Disease Prevention

    Let us coach you to better dental health

    Dental Implants

    We work with qualified specialists and perform the crown work in-house

    Digital Xrays

    Low-emission, quick-results

    Don’t see what you’re looking for?  Call us at 604.559.4638 and let us know how we can help you.

    Your Dentists

    Dr. Sean Sikorski

    We make our own toothpaste!
    House of Teeth offers dentist-formulated,
    non-toxic oral care for every mouth

    Inspired by the art of safe dentistry,
    House of Teeth’s dentist-owned and formulated
    apothecary toothpastes are made with naturally-derived
    fluoride and packaged in a biodegradable tube.
    Visit our online shop.


    Here’s what we’re doing

    Where are we?


    331 E Broadway
    Vancouver BC V5T 1W5


    2003 E Hastings
    Vancouver BC V5L 1T9

    New Patients


    Your First Appointment?

    Your first appointment will last between 45 to 60 minutes. During this initial assessment, your medical history will be reviewed, a full mapping of your teeth and surrounding tissues will be created, x-rays and photos will be taken as required, and your dental concerns will be discussed. Your dentist will evaluate your x-rays and create a treatment plan with you. No treatment or cleaning will be performed during this session.

    Payments and Insurance

    Please read our payments and insurance policies.

    Confirmation and Cancellation Policy

    Appointments must be confirmed at least 2 business days in advance. We will attempt to confirm your booking by email or phone, but your session may be canceled if we do not hear from you and is subject to a cancellation fee.

    Once your appointment is set, a chair is booked and your dentist and technicians are scheduled. If you are unable to keep your appointment, you must inform us at least 2 business days in advance to avoid a charge.

    Book It!

    Call us directly at your preferred location or send a booking request.

    Broadway Booking Banner
    Booking 2 Months Out
    Hastings Booking BannerBooking 1 Month Out
    Dentist 1 NameDr. Sean Sikorski
    Dentist 1 ScheduleAvailable Monday through Friday
    Dentist 2 NameDr. Sonja Stojicic
    Dentist 2 ScheduleTuesdays and Thursdays
    Dentist 3 NameDr. Karen McQuail
    Dentist 3 ScheduleWednesday through Saturday
    Dentist 4 NameDr. Erica Gyamfi
    Dentist 4 ScheduleMonday through Friday.
    Dentist 5 NameDr. Murielle Arsenault
    Dentist 5 ScheduleHaving a baby! Be back Spring 2022.
    Dentist 6 NameDr. Sam MacCarthy
    Dentist 6 ScheduleTuesday through Friday