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10 stars out of 5!

Best dental experience of my life!!! This place is an incredible breath of fresh air. — Zoe

Best dentist I have ever seen.

Kind, calm and collected! They make sure I am relaxed and that all my dental needs are being met. I am clearly shown where all the issues may be and they have incredibly updated technology as well! — Margaux

the most positive dental experience I’ve ever had

I experience pretty significant anxiety about going to the dentist, and that in combination with not having benefits for a while caused me not to go for quite some time, but I did not receive any judgement or chastisement, just compassionate and informative care. — Isobel

No judgement, amazing knowledge.

The most understanding and impeccable care in the lower mainland. No judgement, amazing knowledge and extremely helpful staff. I would recommend everyone here if possible. They make something so scary for most, so easy and comfortable. — Paula

This is dentist heaven!

I honestly love this place so much and actually looked forward to going. My partner and I came here on a recommendation and it’s literally the best care I have ever experienced. — Kieran

Best dental experience I’ve ever had

I don’t really ever leave reviews but seriously House of Teeth are the best dental experience I’ve ever had. If you’re nervous about going to the dentist, I can’t recommend going with them enough. — Alexandria

We love our patients! These are all authentic testimonials.
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Two Locations

Broadway off Main
331 E Broadway
Vancouver BC V5T 1W5

Hastings off Victoria
2003 E Hastings
Vancouver BC V5L 1T9

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Our Services


• New patient examinations

• Regular check-ups & cleaning

• Fillings, caps, crowns

Regular Check-Ups: Scheduled cleaning and general dental health check-ups to keep you smiling

Invisalign: Correcting misalignments of the bite and teeth

Teeth Whitening: Stain removal for a brighter, whiter smile

Fillings & Extractions: We use composite resins to fill cavities for a flawless smile

Wisdom Teeth Extractions: We’ll analyze your situation and recommend a solution to fit your circumstances

Root Canals: Root Canals are sometimes necessary to get rid of tooth pain and improve your dental health

Crowns / Caps: Restore damaged or cracked teeth with a custom-made crown

Cosmetic Dentistry: An improved smile often leads to increased confidence. From whitening, bonding and veneers to custom grills, we can help!

Fluoride: We love fluoride. Get your fluoride here!

Gum Disease Prevention: Let us coach you to better dental health

Dental Implants: We work with qualified specialists and perform the crown work in-house

Digital Xrays: Low-emission, quick-results


Don’t see what you’re looking for? Call us at 604.559.4638 and let us know how we can help you.

Booking Policies

We’re a small, locally (East Van) owned business committed to you providing you the best care. We do our best to keep dental care accessible while delivering high quality care. Our booking policies help keep costs down for all patients and allows us to provide living wages for all our staff.

2 business days cancellation:
Once your appointment is set, a chair is booked and your dentist and technicians are scheduled. If you are unable to keep your appointment, you must inform us at least 2 business days in advance to avoid a charge. See the full policy

  • Valid credit card on file:
    Used only to bill patient portions or missed appointment fees. Read More
  • Insurance policy:
    We accept most dental insurance. Check coverage with your provider. Plans vary so we can’t guarantee coverage. For a small fee, we’ll check coverage but can’t be 100% sure until billing. You’re responsible for unpaid costs. Read More
  • Payment:
    Option 1: Pay your bill at the time service is provided, use your credit card, earn points/travel rewards. Insurance often reimburses within 72 hours. We’ll submit your claim to insurance; you pay leftovers or non-covered procedures.
    Option 2: We can bill insurance directly. Your card pays leftovers. Charges may appear up to 90 days later as insurance takes time to pay. Read More

Read our complete payments and insurance policies here.

New Patients

Your First Appointment?
Your first appointment will last between 45 to 60 minutes. During this initial assessment, your medical history will be reviewed, a full mapping of your teeth and surrounding tissues will be created, x-rays and photos will be taken as required, and your dental concerns will be discussed. Your dentist will evaluate your x-rays and create a treatment plan with you. No treatment or cleaning will be performed during this session.

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Before you proceed with scheduling your appointment, we kindly ask you to review our booking policies to ensure a smooth and efficient experience for both you and our team. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

I’ve read & understand the booking policies

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About the House of Teeth

Dr. Sikorski founded The House of Teeth based on a philosophy of compassionate, judgment-free care developed through years working to expand access to underserved communities. With experience in HIV clinics, remote Indigenous villages and Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, he witnessed the impact of barriers to dental care firsthand.
This experience shaped Dr. Sikorski’s mission to establish a practice where all patients, regardless of circumstance, feel welcomed, understood and supported. At The House of Teeth, we are committed to upholding his vision through dignified, individualized treatment provided to every member of our community. Our goal is to make each visit as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Technology & Sustainability

a lush forest illustrating fresh air

Clean Air

Dr. Sean’s work in the hospital system taught him the importance of air quality. That’s why we have hospital grade HVAC units in both offices that remove ​​viruses, aerosols, bacteria, allergens and pollutants. The air in our offices is constantly cleaned exchanged every hour to keep you safe and comfortable.

3d dental scan

Digital Scanners

We use digital scanners to make a record of your teeth whenever possible. Some procedures still require the old-school goops and putties but for most procedures we can use a small handheld wand to create a 3D model of your mouth to fabricate precise fitting restorations and appliances.

x-ray of teeth

Digital x-rays

I read a lot of comics, but I haven’t picked up x-ray vision. And whereas conventional x-rays are considered safe, we’ve always used modern, digital x-rays which emit 80-90% less radiation. Our scanning software lets us reduce your exposure even further.

C3P0 as an AI dental assistant

AI Assited Diagnostics

That’s right A.I. We’ve decided to be friends with our future robot overlords and we’ve incorporated A.I.into our diagnostic services. How many times have you received varying opinions that left you uncertain? Our A.I. technology offers a non-bias review of your images checking for changes in bone density, tooth health, quality of dental work and more.

The future is now, and we are excited to explore how AI can help provide better outcomes more trust and comfort for our patients.


We care about the planet and it’s future, and we make sustainable, green decisions whenever we can.

  • we use biodegradable gloves
  • we use sterilizable, surgical steel instruments where we can instead of single use plastics
  • we’ve sourced biodegradable bamboo floss and toothbrushes
  • our Hastings office was built using recycled materials and reclaimed lumber. (the green counter tops are recycled glass, the grey countertops are recycled paper and much of the plywood is reclaimed)
  • both offices are as paperless as we can, and we’re always trying to do more
Gold crown illustration


When it comes to conservative and biocompatible dental restorations, look no further than gold – as both the tried-and-true standard and one of the most compatible materials for your mouth, custom gold fillings, crowns and bridges can replace damaged or missing teeth while offering superior strength, longevity, corrosion resistance and little disturbance to surrounding teeth and bone, restoring your natural beauty and function for many years of protected smiles and easy eating.

Meet the Dentists

We’re proud to introduce you to our talented team of dental professionals. Each member of our practice brings a unique background and skill set to help provide you with the highest quality dental care.
Dr. Sean Sikorski

Dr. Sean Sikorski

  • Prefers dentistry to making toys. He’s the gold tooth specialist.
Dr. Erica Gyamfi

Dr. Erica Gyamfi

  • She’s got style, she’s got grace. Erica Gyamfi fixes good face.
Dr. Murielle Arsenault

Dr. Murielle Arsenault

  • Our Maritime marvel. She’s does good Invisalign. Elle parle Francais.

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